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So I have one questions for you…
How many more installs do you want this month?

Here are more details about the services that we provide: Note that the pricing may change.

Granite Countertop Virtual Kitchen Designer

(Free first year – $499/Annual License)
The Virtual Kitchen Designer is a great tool to help move the customer through the buying cycle for granite countertops. They can compare cabinet colors, wall colors, to granite colors with or without backsplash etc. This Sticky Application is a snap to install on any webpage that you can add a link to. On average users view 6-8 pages when working with the Kitchen Designer. We recommend and supply the html code for the kitchen designer that pops a new browser window open so that your website remains open on the computer at all times. The look and feel of the designer is customizable to reflect your logo and branding colors. Help your customers help themselves through the granite color selection process with this easy to install virtual kitchen designer.

Instant Countertop Estimator – ICE

($499/Annual License or $15/lead)
The Instant Countertop Estimator is a great tool to help move the customer through the buying cycle for granite countertops. One of the questions that the internet customer will have is �what will the cost be?� �How does this compare to the estimate that I have in my hand?�. We have seen up to 300% increase in conversion from visit to lead with the ICE application. The customer is able to punch in the square footage, if they know it, or they can build the countertop with the tool, either way we arrive at an estimated cost for the countertop. As far as price, we will provide ballpark numbers to be run through the estimator based on logical groupings of stone types or we can pre program links to set the price for you and hide other price points. We recommend and supply the html code for the Instant Estimator that pops a new browser window open so that your website remains open on the computer at all times. The look and feel of the estimator is customizable to reflect your logo and branding colors. Help your customers help themselves through the sea of competitors by providing instant estimates right from your website.

Granite Countertops Website System

($799/Annual License or $80/Month) “I want it all… and I want it Now!..”
The granite website system gives you a turnkey website application that is fully supported by our staff and infrastructure as well as our best of breed applications such as the Instant Countertop Estimator INCLUDED, Virtual Kitchen Designer INCLUDED, as well as image galleries and clear actionable web pages to ensure that your website is working for you 24 – 7 – 365. We have been studying the habits of the internet granite countertop customer and our websites are designed to convert this next visitor to a lead.

Spark Lead Management System

(Free to our paying customers)
So all these apps are great but how is any of this going to affect the bottom line? This is where the rubber meets the road. The Spark Lead Management System allows you to track monitor and maintain each lead that is generated through any of our applications. Spark sends out new lead notifications, daily summaries via email as well as can provide your company with online CRM efficiencies for maintaining customers through the buying process. Basically we track every phone call and webform submission through this application to ensure that we are meeting lead goals as well as providing you with the tools to track your success.

Inventory Management System –

(5 listing Free – Call for more details)
If you have a good grasp on your inventory our Fuel application can take that inventory and help you market it on your website as well as on the stonemarkets website. We associate the slab as well as the remnant inventory with with location details in an easy to navigate website as well as a content feed for your website. This will enable you to market your inventory online and keep a digital record of what is available in your stock rooms or slab yards to sales and operations.

Granite Fabricator Directory –

(see pricing on website)
The Stone Fabrication directory provides valuable links back to your website from many pages on the internet. When you are added to the directory your link is propagated though out our network of website and increases the opportunity for visits to your website but most importantly provides relevant links to your website to increase your value. This directory is a paid for service and is monitored by our staff to maintain the highest level of integrity in the listings.

If you would like to know more contact Us at


The Stone fabricator directory

This Stone fabricator directory is designed to provided fabricators with the ability to be part of the largest directory of quality fabricators on the web. The Fabricator directory is a paid service and is human monitored. Only fabricators will be allowed in the fabricator directory. Any other service providers a will not be allowed in the directory. Additional sections may be added but will not be the priority. 

Why should I be in this directory? Search engines are always looking for relevance and they are not clear on what is a quality directory and what is not. In our research we have found that paid and human monitored directories are valued by search. Our listings are distributed through out our network of websites so even though you are paying for a listing in this directory you will actually be receiving links and possible traffic from our network of sites all over the internet.

granite marble Stone Fabricator Directory
granite marble Stone Fabricator Directory

It’s Searchable. Our directory is searchable. We are adding a keyword or tags feature to the listing to open up the relevance of the content.

Priority listings? Priority listings are great as this ensure that you will rise to the top of this list. This does not ensure that you will be #1 but you will be above other listings not in the priority category.

Pagerank? We have page ranks 2 and 3 that are displaying your links and pointing to this directory but the does not yet have a high pagerank itself. This will be soon to follow

Granite Fabricator Directory | Stone Fabricator Directory | Countertops Fabricator Directory

Say Uncle!… Say It!

We have done it again…
Do you know the breaking point? 

We just recently launched out granite marketing service in Arizona For AZ kitchen refacing and granite. After the first 2 weeks on the program Max the owner says:

I am so busy right now, I think you should shut it down for a couple days so we can catch up. You know I have worked with many lead providers and have never had an experience like this, I was always promised that this would happen but it never did. We are getting leads and i am able to close them, This is GREAT!”

The key to the success of our marketing program is to put a competitive offer out and place the customer on our customer center website and this provides Max with the ability to shine and close deals he just needed the opportunities. I assured Max that this was not only due to us and that he is a big player in the success of this program and our ongoing partnership is sure to continue to help him maintain and grow AZ Kitchen Refacing and Granite.

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Are Granite Countertops Affordable? They Are Now!

Most consumers of granite are concerned with the affordability of granite and its inherent value for their home. Granite slabs are large and displayed lavishly to attract the attention of the customer.

If going towards the cheaper end of granite fabrication, granite tiles are the first option in this case. The granite tiles are placed adjacent to each other and attached utilizing adhesive resins. Very similar to flooring tiles. Not as expensive as a solid, one piece, cut section of granite, however, this method can be considered less appealing to some due to the number of seams involved in the final product. This method runs roughly four dollars p/s/f, primarily for Black Granite at about three eighths of an inch thick.

Modular Granite would be the next option for those that feel more competent in performing the work themselves. This method allows for pre designed sections, such as edges and backsplashes. The seams are far less noticeable, edges and corners are already determined due to the particular slab of granite. This would run the customer somewhere around twenty five dollars p/s/f or more.

Slab Granite is the higher end quality granite. Already very large in size, these pieces are primarily cut and prepared at the source and delivered directly to the consumer. This professionally installed process is much higher in cost due to not only the work involved, but also delivery and actual size of the granite slab. The cost typically can run around thirty dollars p/s/f or twice that amount after allowing for installation.

Granite Countertops
Granite Countertops

More … Are Granite Countertops Affordable? They Are Now!

Granite Countertops are becoming more and more popular due to their striking appeal

Granite Countertops are becoming more and more popular due to their striking appeal that can add to the attraction of any home or business environment.

Granite Countertops Makeover
Granite Countertops Makeover

Although believed to be an expensive addition, the various types of stones available can pr

ovide limitless

options as far as affordability. Granite has so many various styles and colors that can not only benefit the look and feel of a space, but can also be far less expensive than one may think.

Premium granite products can carry a hefty price, however, are not necessarily required for the typical home kitchen, etc. Look for a cheaper style of granite in this case. Doing a small bit of research can help you easily obtain the information needed that can make your kitchen stand out without hurting your budget.

Granite countertops range in thicknesses, and so by choosing a more thinner style of granite can help to significantly reduce your cost as well. Certain coatings can provide added strength to these more seemingly fragile pieces, however, at this time, most of the work is done at the source of the granite provider reducing the cost to the customer. More …Granite Countertops are becoming more and more popular due to their striking appeal

INTERNATIONAL GRANITE & MARBLE is a leader in fabrication and installation of natural stone countertops in the Jackson and central Mississippi marketplace

Granite Makeover and International granite have been working together in the Mississippi market for the past year.

International Granite  Mississippi
International Granite Mississippi

INTERNATIONAL GRANITE & MARBLE is a leader in fabrication and installation of natural stone countertops in the Jackson and central Mississippi marketplace.  Our missio

n is to provide our

customers with the highest quality of workmanship while providing the highest l

evel of customer service.  By combining a streamlined production process with a large selection of material, we offer unsurpassed value and flexibility. Come by our showroom to see our unique selection of natural stone slabs and tiles from around the world including granite, marble, travertine, onyx, slate, limestone, and many more. We have qualified, trained stone professionals available to help you.  Take a look at our substantial inventory and compare.  If you have something that is not in the galleries, our extensive purchasing network allows us to get virtually anything you might need.

International Granite is located in the reservoir area of Brandon just off Lakeland Drive next to “Pump it Up”. Our showroom is filled with samples and displays. Our warehouse contains a variety of natural stone slabs from around the world. Give us a call or just stop by and visit. We look forward to hearing from you.
Always FREE In Home Estimates. Call Brian today to schedule your appointment! (601) 878-1166
Huge Inventory Remnant Sales $29.95/SF – Stone and Fabrication. Installation Not Included.

*Price reflects Estimate, In stock Inventory , 1 edge choice included, This may not be combined with other offers. No Minimum Square Footage. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.

Call Today!
(601) 878-1166

Phoenix Grantie Countertops
Phoenix Grantie Countertops

We have launched a new website for the Phoenix Arizona Market focused on the Granite Countertops space.

This website is an extension of our granite marketing service where we are able to maintain your offers and our applications for you on your website and/or this keyword rich domain as well as on your installation. This is a full on attack to capture the local market through feature rich and keyword targeted local online marketing campaigns for granite fabricators

“AZ Kitchen Refacing has been providing the Phoenix area with superior home improvement services at affordable prices for more than 35 years. Our Amish Mennonite heritage means that woodworking is in our blood. We take tremendous pride in our craftsmanship and guarantee its quality…

13 Granite Countertop Colors Starting @ $29.99/Square Foot Installed + 2 FREE Sink Options!*Price reflects Estimate 5 edge choices PLUS INSTALLATION! This may not be combined with other offers. 40 SF Minimum. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.

If you are a granite fabricator and you would like a website like this contact us today

877-877-1916 or visit

Ask for Paul

GM Partner Announcement: AZ Kitchen Granite Countetops

AZ Kitchen Refacing and Granite LLC and partner Up to provide superior products and services to the greater phoenix AZ market. WE’s ability to position and market countertops and AZ Kitchen’s ability to put together a great offer and a superior sales force.

Phoenix AZ Grantie Countertops
Phoenix AZ Granite Countertops

We are very excited about this opportunity to bring this product to market in AZ

Discover Granite Countertops phoenix by AZ Kitchen Refacing and Granite LLC.

Custom Granite Countertops phoenix.

AZ Kitchen Refacing and Granite LLC, provides high quality marble and granite for bathroom and kitchen countertops. If you´re considering natural stone kitchen counters, check out our competitive pricing and large selection of natural stones to choose from.

Granite Makeover is a service designed to provide YOU the consumer with the most up to date and relevant information concerning your granite upgrade. We partner with local granite fabricators to provide you with relevant offers from YOUR local service provider. We build relationships with local providers and through this relationship we hand select a shop to represent us in your area. This selection process is to ensure that the local provider has similar goals and values as Granite Countertop Makeover and that they maintain a certain level of Quality, Service and Value.

click for Phoenix AZ Granite Countertops

We service: phoenix, scottsdale, mesa, tempe, chandler, fountain hills, peoria, sun city, sun city west, surprise, anthome, glendale, buckeye, and more from Phoenix AZ

instant marketablity for the granite fabricator

Marketing Service: provides instant marketablity for the granite fabricator. We incorporate your offer into this website and empower your location(s) with Organic SEO and PPC marketing.

Leads are generated through our system a number of different ways; Phone calls, Contact Forms, Instant Discount, and through instant estimates. The data collected from the lead varies based on the format the consumer uses reach out.

Leads are sent to you immediately and all leads are exclusive. You are the only shop that will be able to work the lead.

How our service is different: The customer learns about the services you specifically provide. Our website is customized to your offers, your values, and your photos. This is done to shorten the sale and create the perception that the customer is on your website as your information is what is presented for them to consume.

Granite Countertop Marketing
Granite Countertop Marketing


We have 3 levels of service

1. Lead based:
This provides you with exclusive leads and a designated market. We set a cap on the amount of leads to ensure that we maintain a specific budget.

2. Campaign based:
We design a campaign around your promotions and drive business to you based on a budget that you set.

3. Marketing Program:
We will provide you with instant access to an exclusive market. We will help you to develop a website and dominate your local market through SEO SEM and Local Listings all from a managed service process. We will provide you with best of breed technology alongside our proven marketing techniques.

Note: With all levels of service we have a targeted CPI or Cost Per Install Mark that we work to achieve. Because all of these services present your specific offers your CPI is based on the performance of the offers and your staff to move the customer through the buying cycle.

We would like to service this customer with you so if you could contact us right away we can share the specifics with you for FREE so that we can see if we are a good fit for each other. Please respond soon as we can only share this lead with the first person that responds.

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