instant marketablity for the granite fabricator

Marketing Service: provides instant marketablity for the granite fabricator. We incorporate your offer into this website and empower your location(s) with Organic SEO and PPC marketing.

Leads are generated through our system a number of different ways; Phone calls, Contact Forms, Instant Discount, and through instant estimates. The data collected from the lead varies based on the format the consumer uses reach out.

Leads are sent to you immediately and all leads are exclusive. You are the only shop that will be able to work the lead.

How our service is different: The customer learns about the services you specifically provide. Our website is customized to your offers, your values, and your photos. This is done to shorten the sale and create the perception that the customer is on your website as your information is what is presented for them to consume.

Granite Countertop Marketing
Granite Countertop Marketing


We have 3 levels of service

1. Lead based:
This provides you with exclusive leads and a designated market. We set a cap on the amount of leads to ensure that we maintain a specific budget.

2. Campaign based:
We design a campaign around your promotions and drive business to you based on a budget that you set.

3. Marketing Program:
We will provide you with instant access to an exclusive market. We will help you to develop a website and dominate your local market through SEO SEM and Local Listings all from a managed service process. We will provide you with best of breed technology alongside our proven marketing techniques.

Note: With all levels of service we have a targeted CPI or Cost Per Install Mark that we work to achieve. Because all of these services present your specific offers your CPI is based on the performance of the offers and your staff to move the customer through the buying cycle.

We would like to service this customer with you so if you could contact us right away we can share the specifics with you for FREE so that we can see if we are a good fit for each other. Please respond soon as we can only share this lead with the first person that responds.


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