Are Granite Countertops Affordable? They Are Now!

Most consumers of granite are concerned with the affordability of granite and its inherent value for their home. Granite slabs are large and displayed lavishly to attract the attention of the customer.

If going towards the cheaper end of granite fabrication, granite tiles are the first option in this case. The granite tiles are placed adjacent to each other and attached utilizing adhesive resins. Very similar to flooring tiles. Not as expensive as a solid, one piece, cut section of granite, however, this method can be considered less appealing to some due to the number of seams involved in the final product. This method runs roughly four dollars p/s/f, primarily for Black Granite at about three eighths of an inch thick.

Modular Granite would be the next option for those that feel more competent in performing the work themselves. This method allows for pre designed sections, such as edges and backsplashes. The seams are far less noticeable, edges and corners are already determined due to the particular slab of granite. This would run the customer somewhere around twenty five dollars p/s/f or more.

Slab Granite is the higher end quality granite. Already very large in size, these pieces are primarily cut and prepared at the source and delivered directly to the consumer. This professionally installed process is much higher in cost due to not only the work involved, but also delivery and actual size of the granite slab. The cost typically can run around thirty dollars p/s/f or twice that amount after allowing for installation.

Granite Countertops
Granite Countertops

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