Open Market Madness – up to 60% off Granite Countertop Leads- Limited Time only!

Limited Time Only! 60% off Granite Countertop Leads!

These are exclusive granite countertop customers.
That means that your are the only person that is going to receive this customers information.

Why are we offering this to you?
What is our motivation?

We deliver a quality product.
Our leads close 20% of the time within 15 days.
Customers really like the format of our website and they are reaching out to us in markets that we currently do not have a partner.
We customize the site to reflect your businesses – shortening the sale for you
Our main concern is that these customers get answers so that’s why we are offering this to you.


*$10 / exclusive lead (60% off!)
if you put our instant estimator on your website


*$15 / exclusive lead (40% off!)
without our instant estimator.


PLUS: We are also going to waive your setup fee ( a $499 value ) to set you up as our exclusive partner in your local market. We are most likely already on page 1 of Google for local targeted keywords.

NOTE: We have exclusive markets – Not all markets are available. Please contact us soon as markets are going fast at this discounted rate.

Complete the registration

or Call 1-877-877-1916 today!

We look forward to working with you.

*This offer will stand at the discount defined above for the duration of our relationship or until another local vendor comes onto our program at our target price point that is interested in the same market. You will receive notification of this via email and will be given first refusal to match or forfeit the position in our network. You will be provided 2 business days notice of this change. This is first come first server and is subject to our approval process. We retain the right to refuse to market any company on our properties without reason.


You Just Got Run Over By The Social Media Bus – Google+ Places

If you do any kind of local SEO and If you questioned needing to be in any kind of social media site…

You just got run over by the bus!

Google has replaced your places page or will be with a google Plus Page. I did not realize the impact here until one of my customers volume dropped slightly. After further review I notices that all the local results have turned into places pages.

The data is similar that is displayed but now this aspect of social exposure increases and reviews will become more apparent in the near future. As well as change the dynamic of how your social media will impact your placement in the results.

Fortunately, small changes to your places page will push you around in the results right now but with this change what will influence your position on the first page?

Will it be your reviews?
Will it be your friends?
Will it be your content?
Will it be links to your places page?
I am sure everything will have a factor.

We have been managing places pages and Google+ pages for our customers for some time now. We are constantly working with our granite custeorms to ensure that they maintain top position in many of the content areas of the pages. Social is a whole new animal and as you can see now has a signifigant impact on the firet page results for local search.

If you would like to know more subscribe to this blog or drop us a line and we will do what we can to help your position in the local search page.

Local Granite Marketing Program

Our Exclusive Granite Countertops Lead marketing programs:

Local Granite Advertising Marketing Programs
Local Granite Advertising Marketing Programs

Our marketing program is designed to take you from wholesale to retail to fill voids from recession woos or contractors going out of business. Let us help you take the reins of your business and add a new channel of business that you are in control of. That you can count on. The power of internet marketing can drive new business to your store if you have the capacity to do 10, 20, or 30 or more countertops per month. We can help you to create greater perceived value in the market place. we can help you to navigate this complex online marketing world and setup your business for success. we understand the internet counter top buyer and we have built tools to help you capitalize on this situation and to grow your business by being in the right place at the right time with the right offer and the right system to support your sales goals in your local market.

How many more sales do you want this month?

call 877 877 1916 or visit

Example Implementation:

Free trial (kick the tires) 10 leads : goal to sell 1 top


Lead based $25/exclusive lead : goal sell 1 in 6 leads = Cost per sale $150 Sample promotion 1/2 off undermount sink = $150 in additional profit – you advertising cost just vanished. Projected lead cap of $600  = 3-5 potential sales
Step 3
Budget based = Goal of 10 sales in 30 days at a projected cost per install of $150 = $1500 (includes market exclusivity)
Advertising Budget Strategy:
Your budget value really comes down to our ability to put the greatest perceived value in market and your ability to close. Both factors we work together to achieve the greatest result. With the right offers and a good closing ratio an aggressive 15% Advertising budget could be achieved to start to capture market share and then we could dial it in to well under 10% as we add organic SEO efforts, Local Directory Listings, and build your brand in the local market.
End goal is to have you at capacity and booking out work 3-4 weeks in advance at a 6-8% ad cost.

Granite Countertops Website System

Granite Countertops Website System

Granite Countertops Makeover web site System
Granite Countertops Makeover web site System

The granite website system gives you a turnkey website application that is fully supported by our staff and infrastructure as well as our best of breed applications such as the Instant Countertop Estimator, Virtual Kitchen Designer, as well as image galleries and clear actionable web pages to ensure that your website is working for you 24 – 7 – 365. We have been studying the habits of the internet granite countertop customer and our websites are designed to convert this next visitor to a lead.

With the Website System you have:
–  Virtual Kitchen Designer License (a $499 Value included)
–  Instant Countertop Estimator License (a $499 Value included)
– 1 Image Gallery (included)
– Home Page, contact us, plus 1 additional page (included)
– 1 hour per month content changes (included)
– Powerful Local Keyword rich Domain (http://{location} included)
– Additional pages ( $99/Page )
On page SEO optimization (a $599 Value Included)
Local Off Page SEO Basic Package (a $599 Value Included)
Discount on lead program (20% off lead rate Included)
Website setup and testing ( Included )
System Updates and server performance monitoring ( Included )
all this for only
$799/Annual License or $80/Month

Did you know that i can increase your conversions by up to 300% with our instant countertop estimator!

Thats right 3x as many chances for you to sell your services by incorporating our countertop estimator into your website.


Instant Countertop Estimator – ICE

The Instant Countertop Estimator is a great tool to help move the customer through the buying cycle for granite countertops. One of the questions that the internet customer will have is “what will the cost be?” “How does this compare to the estimate that I have in my hand?”. We have seen up to 300% increase in conversion from visit to lead with the ICE application. The customer is able to punch in the square footage, if they know it, or they can build the countertop with the tool, either way we arrive at an estimated cost for the countertop. As far as price, we will provide ballpark numbers to be run through the estimator based on logical groupings of stone types or we can pre program links to set the price for you and hide other price points. We recommend and supply the html code for the Instant Estimator that pops a new browser window open so that your website remains open on the computer at all times. The look and feel of the estimator is customizable to reflect your logo and branding colors. Help your customers help themselves through the sea of competitors by providing instant estimates right from your website.

Instant Countertop Estimator
Instant Countertop Estimator

Granite Countertops New Orleans Louisiana

New Partner Announcement:

Granite Countertops New Orleans Louisiana
Granite Countertops New Orleans Louisiana
Granite Makeover has partnered with White Bay Group LLC to provide quality service and value to home owners in the great New Orleans market.
Stay tuned for incredible service and value from us.

Discover Granite Countertops New Orleans Louisiana by White Bay Group LLC.

Custom Granite Countertops New Orleans Louisiana.

White Bay Group LLC, provides high quality marble and granite for bathroom and kitchen countertops. If you´re considering natural stone kitchen counters, check out our competitive pricing and large selection of natural stones to choose from.

Kitchen DesignerInstant EstimatorPhotoGallery

15 2 cm Granite Countertops Colors

Starting @ $29.99/Square Foot Installed

+ 2 FREE Sink Options!

Price reflects Estimate 1 edge choices PLUS INSTALLATION! This may not be combined with other offers. 35 SF Minimum. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice. Choice of 2 Free Stainless Steel Undermount Sink 50 SF Minimum. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.

Call Today!
(504) 208-1133

Granite Countertops Price Guide

In this day in age price is a main factor but its not the only one.

Be sure that you look at all aspect of the project and the vendor that you choose for you project. It may be worth a couple more dollars per square foot for a fabricator that does not have 25 bad reviews online and one that takes a little pride in the appearance.

Go with your gut too. If the deal seams to good to be true .. well it probably is. When you are making a significant investment like this and these people are going to be in your home be sure that you feel good about where you are before you put any money down.

Granite Countertops Price Guide- Step by Step Options to Keep the Cost Down

  1. Ask the supplier for specials.
  2. Consider more common colors for the granite countertop.
  3. Tear out your own countertop – the day of installation 😉 – plans change
  4. Miss-matched stones are in vogue so look at remnants.
  5. Close outs can save you a buck or two.
  6. Level one granites or closeouts are less expensive.
  7. Shop around a little, both online and locally.
  8. If they have the big fancy showroom – you pay for that.
  9. If it looks like they don’t fabricate they probably don’t – You are paying a middle man BUT – They have a rep to manage and there are benefits to that.

More available Granite Countertops Price

Granite Countertops Estimate
Granite Countertops Estimate

How to Measure

Countertops are measured by square foot of surface area. Sometimes waste is factored into the price but it depends on the circumstance and the amount of waste generated by your specific kitchen layout.

Most standard cabinets are 24 inches deep and a standard overhang is 2 inches totaling 26 inches. You then will measure the length of each section of the countertop. You then multiply the length times the width and that will give you the square inches. Hmm, that’s a big number but we are looking for square footage so you want to then divide by 144 which will give you the number of square feet. Don’t forget the back splash! Same calculations apply.

The instant estimator above can do this math for you if you have the measurements and its a snap to use.


Mertle Beach Florence South Carolina Granite Countertops

3 Granite Countertops Colors (3cm) Starting @ $29.99/Square Foot Installed + 1/2 Off 8 Undermount sink models!

South Carolina Granite Countertops
South Carolina Granite Countertops Myrtle beach Florance Charlotte

*Price reflects Estimate 2 edge choices PLUS INSTALLATION! This may not be combined with other offers. 35 SF Minimum. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.

We only work with with 3CM Stone or a full Inch and 1/2 thick!

8 Granite Countertops Colors(3cm) Starting @ $34.99/Square Foot Installed + 1/2 Off 8 Undermount sink models!

*Price reflects Estimate 5 edge choices PLUS INSTALLATION! This may not be combined with other offers. 35 SF Minimum. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.

Call Today!
(843) 438-4615


Discover Granite Countertops South Carolina by Palmetto Granite.

Custom Granite Countertops South Carolina.

Palmetto Granite, provides high quality marble and granite for bathroom and kitchen countertops. If you´re considering natural stone kitchen counters, check out our competitive pricing and large selection of natural stones to choose from.

Kitchen DesignerInstant EstimatorPhotoGallery


We take our leads seriously and so should you! – Granite Countertops Lead Manager

We take our leads seriously and so should you!

Spark Lead Management application is the key to your success Why! Because it manages all of the very important data for your business. You will have at your fingertips all of the information you need to grow your business. We do this through data management. That’s right we capture all of the lead data we generate for you and you manage the lead through your internal process through to the sale. By capturing these important data points we can start to see trends and focus on areas of improvement in real time.

Why is that important? For every dollar that you spend on advertising you are looking for a return on that investment. We enable this. We can track and manage your ROI so that you know what how and why you are successful or not. We take the human element out of the equation or shine a light on it. We let the number speak for themselves.

Its rather simple actually – First we start out by providing you with out marketing program and our expertise to set you up with the best possible opportunity to drive business through the internet. Next we begin to drive traffic and make your phone ring and your inbox sing with new business opportunities. (Hint: If its not then the offers and promotions are not good enough) Once you have the leads now we look at the follow up process, Are you answering the phone in a timely fashion, is the person able to overcome any objections for the customer… what is the closing ratio to the next step in the sales cycle? etc…

Once all the efficiencies are in place like a well -oiled machine its time to power up the program and scale to where you feel comfortable.

Sound to good to be true. Its not… we do it every day!

More About Spark Lead Management System

Spark Lead management system is only as powerful as the data that is entered into it. As our customers begin to use it more and more we are finding that it can be very powerful and useful for maintaining the activities of your business.
Some basic features of the online application are as follows

Lead Management:

We recommend that you at least log in to the application each work day to manage the status of a lead.
NEW = New Lead
ACTIVE= You are performing and action on for this lead and you will be getting back to them
PENDING= The lead need to provide you something or will be getting back to you with details
CLOSED = You are Done and completed the job and received the funds
DEAD = ran into a wall with the lead and at this point do not expect to continue to work with this customer moving forward.
DUPLICATE = That this data is already in the system – currently the estimator can create duplicate lead instances due to the way the data is collected. Also the customer may fill out an estimate and then call – this will create a duplicate
BAD = This is a lead that contains no valuable information. In some cases a lead may have a bad phone number but a good email or vice versa so we encourage you to use both pieces of information to contact them.
You can capture notes of your conversations and any special details that can be accessed by other users once saved.
You can set basic scheduling events.
These events can send reminders to users that are setup to receive them. These reminders go out a few hours prior to the event actually happening.
We recommend that you have a single user account for each user as this way we can control access to the platform and keep track of who is editing what on the platform. This helps with keeping track of who is working each lead. etc.
Searching for leads is very easy as well as filtering by status or by name etc.
This is just a small sample of what the lead manage can do to manage your granite countertop business.

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