Granite Countertop Price Website Launch

If you are shopping for budget granite countertops for your renovation project this site is a great reasource for you to learn about how to buy granite and get the best deal.

…Below I have broken down the cost factors:

Granite Thickness:

Granite comes in many thicknesses but the most common are 2cm and 3cm. 3cm is the most common for countertop applications due to the added strength and the stability during transportation. 2cm should only be used in some overlay situation and should be adhered to existing countertop or plywood backing. Typically the price difference is nominal.

Granite Installation:

Installation may be included or not so watch the fine print here. Typically installation and fabrication will run $20-$40 per square foot depending on how detailed and the level of service you are to receive. At $20 down expect white gloves but hard working local fabricators that will take certain level of care to the finish and the cleanliness of the experience. At $40 you can expect a lot more and you should see perfection in the installation and your home should be as clean as you left it prior to installation.

Stone Selection:

This is the largest factor associated to your per square foot price. Granite ranges in price from $10 per square to $200+ just for the stone. This is due to the costs associated to farming the particular stone from the earth as well as the beauty and rarity of the stone. Just like fine jeweler the more unique and beautiful the granite the more it will cost.

Granite Edge Options:

Granite edge options are vast. They very from a simple pencil edge to double waterfall ogee to chiseled. All edges add to the detail of the space but they the also affect the price. The more simple the edge the cost can disappear for a simple pencil edge or rounded. These edges are typically included for no extra fee. Other more advanced edges like chiseled and ogee, bull nose, etc typically are extra and are typically priced per linear foot of edging. Expect to pay between $10 up to $100+ with double edge laminated edges due to the increase handling and fabrication time.

Sink holes or other custom cuts:

Sink holes and cutouts are additional time and handling so expect to be charged for this. Any time your countertop is handled will cost you in the end.

Under mount Sinks:

Under mount sinks are popular with granite countertops so that you can show off the edges of the granite and not have the overlap of the sink on top of the granite. The granite industry is pushing this but you could save some money if you don’t have the additional edges finished and do a drop in sink. This is just not what they recommend due to the aesthetics of the sink hole and the added time for fabrication and polishing.

Radius edges:

For islands and peninsula you may find that you would like to have a radius edge. These will also effect the price of your granite countertop fabrication due to the added time to configure and cut these details into your countertop. They do add style but just be sure that your wallet is ready.

Back Splash:

The back splash can be cut from the same stone and the fabricator needs to know ahead of time what you plan to do here due to pattern matching issues, especially with stones that have a lot of veins. Typically this is billed as additional square footage and would be at the same rate as the countertops if the stone is the same product. Back splashes are typically 4 inch if the same as the countertops or can be full length under the cabinets or be a different product all together.

Remnant Granite:

For your smaller jobs, remnants or cut offs may be able to work for your application but this typically ends up costing more due to the size of the job and the additional costs associated to working with a smaller square footage. If you can do a self installation, this is not the case, and you could have big cost savings by installing the granite yourself.

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