Granite Countertops Price Guide

In this day in age price is a main factor but its not the only one.

Be sure that you look at all aspect of the project and the vendor that you choose for you project. It may be worth a couple more dollars per square foot for a fabricator that does not have 25 bad reviews online and one that takes a little pride in the appearance.

Go with your gut too. If the deal seams to good to be true .. well it probably is. When you are making a significant investment like this and these people are going to be in your home be sure that you feel good about where you are before you put any money down.

Granite Countertops Price Guide- Step by Step Options to Keep the Cost Down

  1. Ask the supplier for specials.
  2. Consider more common colors for the granite countertop.
  3. Tear out your own countertop – the day of installation 😉 – plans change
  4. Miss-matched stones are in vogue so look at remnants.
  5. Close outs can save you a buck or two.
  6. Level one granites or closeouts are less expensive.
  7. Shop around a little, both online and locally.
  8. If they have the big fancy showroom – you pay for that.
  9. If it looks like they don’t fabricate they probably don’t – You are paying a middle man BUT – They have a rep to manage and there are benefits to that.

More available Granite Countertops Price

Granite Countertops Estimate
Granite Countertops Estimate

How to Measure

Countertops are measured by square foot of surface area. Sometimes waste is factored into the price but it depends on the circumstance and the amount of waste generated by your specific kitchen layout.

Most standard cabinets are 24 inches deep and a standard overhang is 2 inches totaling 26 inches. You then will measure the length of each section of the countertop. You then multiply the length times the width and that will give you the square inches. Hmm, that’s a big number but we are looking for square footage so you want to then divide by 144 which will give you the number of square feet. Don’t forget the back splash! Same calculations apply.

The instant estimator above can do this math for you if you have the measurements and its a snap to use.



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