You Just Got Run Over By The Social Media Bus – Google+ Places

If you do any kind of local SEO and If you questioned needing to be in any kind of social media site…

You just got run over by the bus!

Google has replaced your places page or will be with a google Plus Page. I did not realize the impact here until one of my customers volume dropped slightly. After further review I notices that all the local results have turned into places pages.

The data is similar that is displayed but now this aspect of social exposure increases and reviews will become more apparent in the near future. As well as change the dynamic of how your social media will impact your placement in the results.

Fortunately, small changes to your places page will push you around in the results right now but with this change what will influence your position on the first page?

Will it be your reviews?
Will it be your friends?
Will it be your content?
Will it be links to your places page?
I am sure everything will have a factor.

We have been managing places pages and Google+ pages for our customers for some time now. We are constantly working with our granite custeorms to ensure that they maintain top position in many of the content areas of the pages. Social is a whole new animal and as you can see now has a signifigant impact on the firet page results for local search.

If you would like to know more subscribe to this blog or drop us a line and we will do what we can to help your position in the local search page.


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