Open Market Madness – up to 60% off Granite Countertop Leads- Limited Time only!

Limited Time Only! 60% off Granite Countertop Leads!

These are exclusive granite countertop customers.
That means that your are the only person that is going to receive this customers information.

Why are we offering this to you?
What is our motivation?

We deliver a quality product.
Our leads close 20% of the time within 15 days.
Customers really like the format of our website and they are reaching out to us in markets that we currently do not have a partner.
We customize the site to reflect your businesses – shortening the sale for you
Our main concern is that these customers get answers so that’s why we are offering this to you.


*$10 / exclusive lead (60% off!)
if you put our instant estimator on your website


*$15 / exclusive lead (40% off!)
without our instant estimator.


PLUS: We are also going to waive your setup fee ( a $499 value ) to set you up as our exclusive partner in your local market. We are most likely already on page 1 of Google for local targeted keywords.

NOTE: We have exclusive markets – Not all markets are available. Please contact us soon as markets are going fast at this discounted rate.

Complete the registration

or Call 1-877-877-1916 today!

We look forward to working with you.

*This offer will stand at the discount defined above for the duration of our relationship or until another local vendor comes onto our program at our target price point that is interested in the same market. You will receive notification of this via email and will be given first refusal to match or forfeit the position in our network. You will be provided 2 business days notice of this change. This is first come first server and is subject to our approval process. We retain the right to refuse to market any company on our properties without reason.


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