Kitchen Cabinet Instant Estimate

Use the instant Cabinet Estimator to ballpark your cabinet renovations project.

Custom Cabinets:

Custom cabinets are typically the most expensive kind of cabinets. All your box frames and faces are created in the wood product of your choice and will be constructed based on your desires. The options here are nearly unlimited.

How To Measure Cabinets

This process is also typically the longest obviously due to that the cabinets that meet your specifications are to be constructed. A 10×10 Kitchens starts around $7999 and up depending on the level of customization


Pre Manufactured Cabinets:

Pre Manufactured cabinets from a cost perspective are typically average and cost variations have been to date based on whether they are imported or domestic. Typically options are very versatile and costs and time are based on whether you are purchasing stock items or items that need to be ordered from a catalog. A 10×10 kitchen typically starts around $5999 when using pre-fab cabinets.

Re-facing Cabinets:

Refacing cabinets is a great option when doing a renovations and the current cabinet have good bones (structural integrity of the cabinet is adequate) This is typically the lowest cost option and the fastest to complete. A 10×10 kitchen reface typically starts in the $2999 range again depending on the options and the selection of available materials. In some cases a custom refacing is an option where you could have the look of a custom kitchen with a price closer to pre manufactured cabinets.

Refinishing Cabinets:

Refinishing cabinets is the least expensive option but is typically only used on some of the finest cabinets and the most detailed work. This is typically only quoted but and can be applied to some of todays average kitchens. Typically the cabinets need to be made from a solid wood product to allow for refinishing to be applied. A 10×10 kitchen refinishing typically starts in the $2499 range again depending on the options and the selection of available materials as well as the details of the cabinets to be refinished.

Cabinet hardware:

Many times hardware is overlooked from a cost perspective. Hardware typically starts around 10% of the actual cabinet cost. Sounds crazy right but think about each cabinet will have 2-4 pull each so pulls that cost $5 each adds up to 5 times 4 per liner foot.

Casing and trim:

This is the back of cabinets that are exposed to the room as well as trim pieces and kick plate. Depending on the design of your kitchen and the products selected additional consideration should be taken into account when you are looking at a good linear foot price as this can add substantial costs to the overall project.



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