Home Kitchen Renovation with the 5 D’s

Discover– Discover details around the project. What are the changes that you can evaluate? Will you be moving appliances, using existing cabinetry, or is it a complete overhaul? Get an idea of the electrical and plumbing locations and decide how important it is that these items remain in the same location or not. Will you be adding or removing structural components and will this affect other areas of the home.

Define – Define the objectives of the project. Is your goal to renovate for yourself or for re sale. From a design perspective what is the style that best suits your desires as well as function within the confines of the space.

Design – pen to paper or finger tips to keys with a kitchen design application. Locate images of kitchen that have the look that fits your space. Choose cabinet colors and styles that suit the style of the space. Gather swatches and images that will help you to define the colors palette. Gather online estimates and use tools like instant estimators and kitchen designers to help you understand pricing factors but be sure to budget from written estimates from actual vendors Websites like Pinterest are interesting for gathering images from around the internet and cataloging them together for your project. If budget is a factor you should also gather pricing information at this stage as this will help to define your manage your design and prevent the gotcha later. For example if you choose….

Read more visit http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/5774178/list/DIY-Kitchen-Renovation-and-the–Kitchen-Renovation-by-the-5-D-s



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