Granite countertops have long been a favorite upgrade of homeowners

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Granite countertops have long been a favorite upgrade of homeowners. The beauty of natural granite enhances any kitchen, and its functionality and durability will last for the life of the kitchen. They are, however, a major investment, and there are many things to consider when estimating the cost of installing granite countertops in your home.

The most basic estimate is for the granite itself. A simple search on the internet will turn up prices that vary widely, with some as low as $35.00 per square foot and others of upwards $100 per square foot. Of course, this is only for the granite. Color, finish and installation costs must be included as well.

Color varies as wildly as the designs of the kitchens the countertops will grace, and the price varies as well. Granite is sourced from all over the world and comes in an infinite array of color schemes, but ultimately the choice will be a combination of individual preference and budgetary constraints. Money no object? The possibilities are limited only by the types of granite offered by different distributors. Working on a budget? There are still many beautiful granite selections available. Choose the granite that you know you will be happy with and will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.


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