Granite Countertops Costs | Free Instant Estimates

The third option is slab granite.  Granite-Kitchen-Countertop-Templating

It is the least cost-effective option, but is really the pinnacle of kitchen improvement. Slabs of granite are cut to order and installed by professionals. Pricing can start at around $40 per square foot, but installation, backsplashes and edging can all contribute to the cost. The result, however, can justify the expense. There are no seams, or limited seems is well positioned places, which is ideal for the kitchen environment. The homeowner is not limited by prefabricated materials; slab granite can be customized to exact specifications. Above all, the aesthetic beauty of the granite itself is showcased. Even though the homeowner’s


decision to install granite may not be driven by resale value, a professionally designed and installed granite kitchen can add to the value of the house when placed on the market.

Several options exist when planning for granite countertops, all of which include pros and cons.


Your installation professional should be able to match grains, provide guidance in the selection process create virtually invisible seams and have the man power needed to safely install your countertops without damaging your home. Professional stone countertops are NOT a DIY job. A single piece can weight 100’s of pound and the strength of the stone that makes it so desirable comes with weight which can make the stone brittle if dropped or handled incorrectly. While the do-it-yourselfer can install limited types of granite countertops, nothing compares to the beauty, functionality and enduring value of professionally installed granite…

Granite Countertops Costs



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