Don’t be fooled by Price – Stone Selection Process

Stone Selection Process

With the stone selection process be sure to be involved in the selection and planning of your stone. Many of the “level 1” colors will have less issue with this due to supply and demand economics as well as these stones are typically more uniform.

3cm = approximately 1 and 1/4 inches thick. This became popular due to the look of the added thickness as well as the durability based on the added thickness.

2CM = approximately 3/4 inches thick. This became popular for walls and facades to give the appearance of stone without the building costs

Standard Grade 3cm

This is the grade of stone that the average kitchen should have in the home. You should not see fishers, cracks, and discoloration in the design and style of the stone you have selected. All granite is unique. So you will have variation from one stone to the next and from one area of the stone to the next but Each stone may have variations from one area to the next as well.


you will have seams, seams in bad places, these seams will not be pattern matched which makes them more visible.


Thin stone slabs, less than an inch think. This requires a wood backing to support and preserve the stone and is more brittle and less durable for wear and tear.

Commercials Stone any thickness

Commercial stones are available but these stones are not recommended for kitchen installations rather for floor stairs walls and well commercial uses. They can have cracks, chips, discoloration, and are clas


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