Dallas TX Granite Countertops, Hard Rock Imports, Starting At $9.99 SF

Dallas TX Granite Countertops, Hard Rock Imports, Starting At $9.99 SF

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Granite Countertops Slabs Starting At $9.99/SFSubject to change without notice. Restrictions May Apply

Expire In 9 Day(s) unless otherwise noted. (12/1/2013)

Call Today! (972) 360-9227

Granite Countertops Installation Process

Check Out these Great Services For your Stone Business

Remnant Stone

Local Remnant Stone Sales – FREE!

No inventory to manage – No catalog to keep up to date! Simply receive requests from local customers looking for remnant materials.

Example: http://remnantstone.com

Special: FREE Service!

877 877 1916 or complete our registration form and we will contact you with details.


10-20-30 or more SALES this month. Are you tired of wondering where the customers are? Would you like to regain your market share? We can take you from slow to go in 30 days or less. We have a program designed to kick the dust of the bridge saw and get you back on track.

Example: www.granitemakeover.com

Special: Guaranteed! – 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Our website are deigned to get you to the top of the search engines. We include with this monthly subscription one tracking phone number and 1 user access to our lead management software. This website comes with a state of the art website design in HTML5 responsive design format standard for computers and mobile devices alike. This website comes with our virtual kitchen design and instant estimator application as well as our new Appointment request application. With the Spark lead management system you can track your Return on ivenstment in real time. This website will be hosted on one of our keyword rich domains to ensure high placement for local targeted keyword searches.

Example: Granite Countertops website

Special: Guaranteed! – if after 6 months you have not reached the first page of 1 of the big 3 search engines we give you 6 months free or until we reach the first page.

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Spark Lead Management $99/month

You cannot measure what you do not track. With the Spark lead manager you can now monitor the effectivness of your website as well as all your other marketing efforts in one place. This application is very easy to install and will help you to manage your business and your ad spending.

More details: Click here for more details

Special: 30 Day Free trial

877 877 1916 or complete our website registration form and we will contact you with details

Virtual Kitchen Design or Instant Countertop Estimator – $99/month each

Is your website boring? do you feel like it lacks the tools needed to convert your traffic into paying customers? These 2 applications perform an essential service to entertian your audience and provide them with the information they are looking for. The virtual kitchen design help people to answer some of the design questions that they have. The instant estimator helps them to define what kind of customer they are and what the associated price will be to reflect those services. These applciation have many customization aspect to them to help them to reflect your business.

More details: Click here for more details

Special: 30 Day Free trial

877 877 1916 or complete our website registration form and we will contact you with details

We offer an initial consultation for free to discuss your business objectives.

Everything here is subject to change without notice. Restrictions may apply. 

unsubscribe when you unsubscribe (Click here) you will be removed from receiving these emails as well as you will be removed from any of our directories as well as you will no longer receive notifications of leads available in your market. Please allow 5 days to complete the removal from all services. Professional Remarketing Group, LLC 245 swamp Rd. Epsom NH 03234

Remnant Stone Service – Free Recevie requests for remant inventory

remnant stone

Welcome to Remnant Stone

Looking or a remnant? Post what you are looking for and we will notify our network (It’s FREE!). Want to sell remnants? Sign up to receive local requests. (It’s FREE!)

Post a Remnant Request Join to receive requestsRemnant Stone is your source for local remnant materials. We have a network of fabricators nationwide that have left over material from jobs that may be great for your projects and we can save you time and money by helping you source this material. Our network of fabricators will typically have 3cm and 2cm slab materials from granite, marble, quartz, solid surface, onyx, and more. Our system is simple: Post what you are looking for and the size needed for your project. We then will notify our local network of fabricators with your request. If they have what you need they will then contact you directly.


Website Design For your Small Business

Marketing & Design

Marketing & Design P R G Design, Professional Affordable



First Step is define your business objectives and make a plan.

view more


Select from existing designs or have us create something custom

view more


We ensure that the code is setup to provide you with the best listings in SERP’s

view more

Custom Application Development – When your customer are looking for answers

We can build custom applications that help the customer through the buying cycle. These applications can help the customer visualize or build the solution that meets their needs. Solutions like this can increase conversion ration of a website by up to 300% or more.

Instant Estimator Virtual Kitchen designer are just a couple of the applications we have developed to do just that.

Contact us for details 877 877 1916

FREE Consultation for your business

If you want to drive more business from your Local Market we can put a program together for you and test in in the first 30 days.

Would you like to turn your local business around in the next 30 days?

Contact us to find out more 877 877 1916

Lead Management – You need it – You don’t Know it But you do!

Our spark lead management system will track all responses from your website including all calls made from your website or any other advertising. This system will enable you to track your ROI not only on the advertising your spend with us but on any media that you wish to track.

Contact Us for details and a demo. 877 877 1916

HTML5 Response website design implementation

We provide state of the are response website design for your business. We back this with our lead management application to truly track your return on investment.

Responsive website design means that the website will work on most standard devices in use today such as iphone’s tablets and computer screens. One website works on all devices .. Smart.

Contact Us to learn more 877 877 1916


We have been providing website solution for small business for 20 years. We currently are responsible for over 15,000,000 in sales for our customers in the last year. Our goal is to help you grow your business the right way. We focus on ROI as the true measure of success. Whether you advertise online, TV, Radio, or the Newspaper we can tell you what your return is so that you can truely manage your business and drive sales. That is what we do!



Boston Granite Countertop Colors Starting $29.99/SF Installed

Discover Granite Countertops Boston by Granite Countertop Pro.

Custom Granite Countertops Boston.

Granite Countertop Pro, provides high quality marble and granite for bathroom and kitchen countertops. If you´re considering natural stone kitchen counters, check out our competitive pricing and large selection of natural stones to choose from.

Kitchen DesignerInstant EstimatorPhotoGallery

Offers Expire In 9 Days
Granite Countertop Colors Starting $29.99/SF Installed

40 square foot minimum. Restrictions may apply. Subject to change with out notice

Free Granite Vanity with your countertop purchase! Limited Time only.
This is stone and fabrication only. Installation is required and is not included. Must be from current available remnant level 1 inventory. Restrictions may apply. Subject to change without notice.

14 Granite Countertop Colors Starting $45.99/SF Installed

Restrictions may apply Subject to change with out notice

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 10 Years on the Stone 1 Year on the installation.Our Quality Service and Value is Unmatched.

Restrictions may apply. Subject to change without notice.

Call Today!
(978) 607-0071


Showroom Address: 211F Lowell Street Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887

Boston, North Shore, Salem, Andover, Wilmington, Newburyport, Marblehead, Beverly, Lynn, Saugus, North Reading, Tweksbury and the surrounding area

Business Hours: Mon – Fri : 9am to 5pm Sat: 9am to 2pm Sunday: Closed

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