The most popular granite countertop colors

The most popular granite countertop colors change and update regularly as new colors hit the scene and consumers choose new favorites.

Designing a kitchen means choosing a countertop that will add color and architectural pop, not to mention a place to prepare meals. When you’ve got your eye on granite counters, you’ll have a vast array of colors from which to choose.

Granite Materials

Because granite is a natural earth material (igneous rock), colors and patterns vary widely. Granite can also feature flecks and veining color variations. No two granite slabs are identical, so granite will always vary between pieces, which gives a granite counter eclectic appeal. Time-Honored ColorsLike other home design features, the hottest granite colors change as trends evolve. Because granite is strong and durable, it’s important to choose a color you’ll enjoy for the life of the counter.

Some granite colors continue to keep solid popularity, despite shifting and changing design trends. Gold and yellow granite dominates with consumers. Within the golden granite color family, veining and flecks of green, brown, gray and black create bold and pleasing color variety.

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