New Shipment of Super White Quartzite – IL,MN,ID


Super White Granite Countertops

Super white granite is actually classified as quartzite. Most stones are actually not granite. They are grouped together as granite so that the average consumer does not have to be a geologist to understand the qualities of the material they are purchasing. Quartzite is actually harder than granite but as with most materials you will see a mix of various minerals that will give you that unique look of the material. Super white quartzite is a mix of quartzite and limestone which gives it that white grey look but a more durable surface than marble.

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Super white countertops (

We are a direct importer of select materials and provide sales, custom stone fabrication and installation services. We come from a family of importers providing us unprecedented access to a large inventory of material at great prices.

We will sell the material and/or provide installation and fabrication services. Whatever the customers needs are. We work with general contractors, builders, archetects, designers and residential customers. Contact us for special bulk pricing on select materials.

We service the greater Chicago Illinois region and will travel for the right job into Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio.

We provide a 15 year warranty on our services. Contact us for details.

Super White Countertops
Address: 430 Kay ave, Addison IL 60101
Phone: 773-789-5771
Hours: M-F 9 to 5 Sat 10 to 3
Service Area: Chicago, Addision, Illinois, IL


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