How To Select Your Granite Countertop Colors

We would all like to assume that we’re excellent interior designers. Even with an eye for detail, certain design choices can leave us baffled, scratching our heads. That’s especially true when it comes to selecting the right granite countertop colors. Let’s hop into some rules of thumb when it comes to design, and share a few tricks to get the most out of your granite countertops.

The Ying and Yang of Your Counters

Countertops are the stylish choice of hat to the esteemed businessman: if the hat doesn’t match the suit, it looks odd and stands out. You want your granite countertop colors to add to your kitchen, not take away from the rest of the work you’ve put in. A basic rule to understand is if your new cabinets are dark wood, go light on your granite, and vice versa. You can either wash out the room completely, or darken the space and make it feel extremely enclosed. It’s a delicate process. Look at the colors in your current kitchen design, and plan accordingly.

Concepts and Space

One of the biggest design must-haves of the last decade is having an open concept: you hear it in every HGTV show, and you’ll see it in real estate postings. If you’re going for an open concept, the darkness of your countertops matters. Open concepts capitalize on large spaces, and often, bright colors, or white walls. Even if your cabinets are darker, going for a super light color for your countertop can make them feel more like an extension of the room, not like a heap of stone just resting in the center. Every surface in an open concept is an opportunity to make the room feel larger.

Personal Preference

At the end of the day, you have to be happy with the granite countertop colors you picked out. Taking as much time as you possibly need during the selection process is crucial to ensuring you’ll be ecstatic with your choice for years to come. Opening or enclosing your space may not be a priority, and that’s okay. Be certain that you love what you end up with—granite is a long-term investment, and it shows a lot about your home’s character.

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