The Five Most Popular Granite Countertop Colors

Trends come and go, but certain options always remain in circulation. They stand the test of time with very few alterations or amendments—granite is the living testament to that. Home design popularity isn’t a bad thing; it helps you weed out all the rubbish out there, and focus on what sells. People don’t purchase things that they don’t like. Take a look at the five most popular granite countertop colors available today.

  1. Arctic Storm

Going with an open concept kitchen? Do you have a lot of light-colored wood cabinets? Arctic Storm gives you the perfect accent to your positive design, complementing natural light and wide open spaces. While some granite countertop colors can end up looking highly manufactured, Arctic Storm retains that rugged appearance, while softly complimenting your kitchen design choices.

  1. Fantastic Brown

Are you a fan of New England-themed kitchens? Nautical art pieces and picture frames are your thing; complete the oceanic vibe with this unique color combination. If you could take the oceans and all their splendor, from the golden sand to the deep blues of the ocean floor, and solidify them into one object, it would be Fantastic Brown countertops. Accent your desire to be a Cape Cod-living family, and complete your light and bright theme.

  1. Image result for Kozmus granite makeoverKozmus

For those of us who love darker cabinets and wood colors, it’s a constant chore to brighten up the kitchen, or make it feel more expansive. Kozmus is your secret weapon. Mixing darker blues and blacks with natural dots of beige and yellows, this unique design gently weaves light color into your space, making it feel inviting, even to those who aren’t dark wood fans.

  1. Giallo Veniziano

Image result for Giallo Veneziano

There’s a classic granite countertop feel that you can’t really define, and you can’t really explain, but when you see it, you’ll know. That’s exactly what Giallo Veniziano is, from the moment you look at it. One of the beautiful things about this color is the versatility; your master bath, powder room, and kitchen can each benefit from a unified design; Giallo Veniziano blends seamlessly with nearly any design and color scheme, no matter where you are in your home.

  1. Alaska White

Image result for Alaska White

Matching your countertops with appliances or cabinet colors can be a chore; there’s a million shades for everything. Alaska White seamlessly blends veins of black and gray throughout the snow white body, favorably matching with most kitchen designs. If you’re not sold on dark or light granite countertops, aim right down the middle with this premier design.

If you know what you’re looking for in a granite countertop, it just comes down to picking the right style, and getting the job done. These five most popular granite countertop colors are favored by homeowners everywhere, and it’s easy to see why.


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