5 ways to Save on your Custom Countertops

Granite Makeoverhttp://www.granitemakeover.com

You Will Save Money on custom countertops when you buy Direct from the fabricator.

Kitchen Shops and Local Box Stores do not employ the stone fabricator. they sub your work out to the local fabricator. When you buy direct this can save you up to 50% or more. When work is subcontracted you will pay a markup to cover the staff to take your order and the facilities and the marketing that brought you to them as well as the profit. Most of this is eliminated when you buy direct from the fabricator.

  1. Buy from your Local Custom Countertop Fabricator – We work with a national network of pre-screen Local countertop professionals. We help these fabricators to position themselves to work with you and deliver a superior product for a great price. These fabricators tend to omit the big fancy showrooms for more vast inventory, Quality craftsmanship and faster service than you can get from a kitchen shop or a box store.
  2. The more square footage the better the deal. Look at remnants and left over material for bathrooms and bar tops.
  3. Look for Specials – Look for added incentives and material categories that will Save you money.
  4. Edge Selection – Select and Edge that falls in the standard category. Upgraded edges add labor to your project which will add significant costs to the countertop project.
  5. Work with a Granite Makeover Partner – We work with a large network of Family owned and operated shops where quality and customer service are the main goal. They typically are not large commercial operations so you are not a number to them. You are how they build a solid growing business

The local countertop fabricator that we connect you with is investing in themselves and growing their business. They take pride in customer service and the ability to provide a quality product at a great price.



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