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Cabinet EstimatesFree Instant Cabinet Estimate tool

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Adding this estimator to your website, blog or social media pages is a snap!

Cabinet Estimates

The instant estimator enables the web shopper with the ability to gather basic measurement of the kitchen and we associate those measurements to national pricing standards or we provide you with the ability to customize the the application pricing structure with a couple simple changes. To the left is an example of this. Enter a linear foot price into the the form to the right and go through the estimate process. Put “Test” and your name in the name box to ensure that the information is not routed to.

We also offer customization as far as a logo and background and text colors to match with your branding.


Special Offer: FREE Setup and FREE 60 Day trial on all 3 application!


Marketing Kitchen Cabinets Online

Marketing Kitchen Cabinets

Put our Instant Estimator On your website today.

Instant Cabinet Estimator (For your website)

The instant cabinet estimator is a powerful tool for helping the customer bring themselves ballpark a cabinet quote and provides you with valuable contact information of a potiential customer that is coming into the market earlier in the buying process.

The estimator is customizable too!

Click here for details on setting up your instant estimator!

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