Granite Countertops phoenix by AZ Kitchen Refacing and Granite

Discover Granite Countertops phoenix by AZ Kitchen Refacing and Granite.

Custom Granite Countertops phoenix.

AZ Kitchen Refacing and Granite, provides high quality marble and granite for bathroom and kitchen countertops. If you´re considering natural stone kitchen counters, check out our competitive pricing and large selection of natural stones to choose from.

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Offers Expire In 9 Days
13 Granite Countertop Colors Starting @ $29.99/Square Foot Installed + 1/2 off Sink Option!*Price reflects Estimate 5 edge choices PLUS INSTALLATION! This may not be combined with other offers. 40 SF Minimum. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.

AZ Kitchen Refacing resurfaced all of our kitchen cabinets for our remodeling project and they really make the kitchen shine

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We service: phoenix, scottsdale, mesa, tempe, chandler, fountain hills, peoria, sun city, sun city west, surprise, anthome, glendale, buckeye, and more from Phoenix AZ


Local Granite Marketing Program

Our Exclusive Granite Countertops Lead marketing programs:

Local Granite Advertising Marketing Programs
Local Granite Advertising Marketing Programs

Our marketing program is designed to take you from wholesale to retail to fill voids from recession woos or contractors going out of business. Let us help you take the reins of your business and add a new channel of business that you are in control of. That you can count on. The power of internet marketing can drive new business to your store if you have the capacity to do 10, 20, or 30 or more countertops per month. We can help you to create greater perceived value in the market place. we can help you to navigate this complex online marketing world and setup your business for success. we understand the internet counter top buyer and we have built tools to help you capitalize on this situation and to grow your business by being in the right place at the right time with the right offer and the right system to support your sales goals in your local market.

How many more sales do you want this month?

call 877 877 1916 or visit

Example Implementation:

Free trial (kick the tires) 10 leads : goal to sell 1 top


Lead based $25/exclusive lead : goal sell 1 in 6 leads = Cost per sale $150 Sample promotion 1/2 off undermount sink = $150 in additional profit – you advertising cost just vanished. Projected lead cap of $600  = 3-5 potential sales
Step 3
Budget based = Goal of 10 sales in 30 days at a projected cost per install of $150 = $1500 (includes market exclusivity)
Advertising Budget Strategy:
Your budget value really comes down to our ability to put the greatest perceived value in market and your ability to close. Both factors we work together to achieve the greatest result. With the right offers and a good closing ratio an aggressive 15% Advertising budget could be achieved to start to capture market share and then we could dial it in to well under 10% as we add organic SEO efforts, Local Directory Listings, and build your brand in the local market.
End goal is to have you at capacity and booking out work 3-4 weeks in advance at a 6-8% ad cost.

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