5 ways to Save on your Custom Countertops

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You Will Save Money on custom countertops when you buy Direct from the fabricator.

Kitchen Shops and Local Box Stores do not employ the stone fabricator. they sub your work out to the local fabricator. When you buy direct this can save you up to 50% or more. When work is subcontracted you will pay a markup to cover the staff to take your order and the facilities and the marketing that brought you to them as well as the profit. Most of this is eliminated when you buy direct from the fabricator.

  1. Buy from your Local Custom Countertop Fabricator – We work with a national network of pre-screen Local countertop professionals. We help these fabricators to position themselves to work with you and deliver a superior product for a great price. These fabricators tend to omit the big fancy showrooms for more vast inventory, Quality craftsmanship and faster service than you can get from a kitchen shop or a box store.
  2. The more square footage the better the deal. Look at remnants and left over material for bathrooms and bar tops.
  3. Look for Specials – Look for added incentives and material categories that will Save you money.
  4. Edge Selection – Select and Edge that falls in the standard category. Upgraded edges add labor to your project which will add significant costs to the countertop project.
  5. Work with a Granite Makeover Partner – We work with a large network of Family owned and operated shops where quality and customer service are the main goal. They typically are not large commercial operations so you are not a number to them. You are how they build a solid growing business

The local countertop fabricator that we connect you with is investing in themselves and growing their business. They take pride in customer service and the ability to provide a quality product at a great price.



The Five Most Popular Granite Countertop Colors

Trends come and go, but certain options always remain in circulation. They stand the test of time with very few alterations or amendments—granite is the living testament to that. Home design popularity isn’t a bad thing; it helps you weed out all the rubbish out there, and focus on what sells. People don’t purchase things that they don’t like. Take a look at the five most popular granite countertop colors available today.

  1. Arctic Storm

Going with an open concept kitchen? Do you have a lot of light-colored wood cabinets? Arctic Storm gives you the perfect accent to your positive design, complementing natural light and wide open spaces. While some granite countertop colors can end up looking highly manufactured, Arctic Storm retains that rugged appearance, while softly complimenting your kitchen design choices.

  1. Fantastic Brown

Are you a fan of New England-themed kitchens? Nautical art pieces and picture frames are your thing; complete the oceanic vibe with this unique color combination. If you could take the oceans and all their splendor, from the golden sand to the deep blues of the ocean floor, and solidify them into one object, it would be Fantastic Brown countertops. Accent your desire to be a Cape Cod-living family, and complete your light and bright theme.

  1. Image result for Kozmus granite makeoverKozmus

For those of us who love darker cabinets and wood colors, it’s a constant chore to brighten up the kitchen, or make it feel more expansive. Kozmus is your secret weapon. Mixing darker blues and blacks with natural dots of beige and yellows, this unique design gently weaves light color into your space, making it feel inviting, even to those who aren’t dark wood fans.

  1. Giallo Veniziano

Image result for Giallo Veneziano granitemakeover.com

There’s a classic granite countertop feel that you can’t really define, and you can’t really explain, but when you see it, you’ll know. That’s exactly what Giallo Veniziano is, from the moment you look at it. One of the beautiful things about this color is the versatility; your master bath, powder room, and kitchen can each benefit from a unified design; Giallo Veniziano blends seamlessly with nearly any design and color scheme, no matter where you are in your home.

  1. Alaska White

Image result for Alaska White granitemakeover.com

Matching your countertops with appliances or cabinet colors can be a chore; there’s a million shades for everything. Alaska White seamlessly blends veins of black and gray throughout the snow white body, favorably matching with most kitchen designs. If you’re not sold on dark or light granite countertops, aim right down the middle with this premier design.

If you know what you’re looking for in a granite countertop, it just comes down to picking the right style, and getting the job done. These five most popular granite countertop colors are favored by homeowners everywhere, and it’s easy to see why.


We are GraniteMakeover.com

We provide access to a national network of direct to consumer custom countertop fabricators bringing you top quality services provides at the best price saving you much of the hassle and inflated cost provided by big box stores and over prices re-sellers. Buy Countertops Direct and Save! We bring national expertise to the local market ensuring that our partners are educated how to provide the highest level of products services and customer satisfaction.

Starting At 24.99sf San Antonio Texas Wholesale Granite

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Santa Cecilia starting at $24.99 – LIMITED TIME ONLY!Price reflects estimate, 5 edge choices included, stone installation and fabrication included. Requires a minimum cabinet purchase of $3000 to qualify. This may not be combined with other offers. 45 SF Minimum. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.


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Free 16 Guage Undermount SinkThis may not be combined with other offers. 45 SF Minimum. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.


Soup 2 Nutz!

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This may not be combined with other offers. 45 SF Minimum. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.

Call Today (210) 417-4855!



Call Today (210) 417-4855!

At San Antonio Wholesale Granite, We Deliver the Lowest Overall Cost for High Quality Custom Granite Countertops, and the Highest Quality in San Antonio.

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San Antonio Wholesale Granite is a family owned and operated business serving the San Antonio area with over 10 years experience. We provide expert design consultation, fabrication and installation of custom granite countertops by a team of highly skil led, professional craftsmen.

One-Stop Kitchen Remodeler for Granite Countertops and Wholesale Cabinets.

San Antonio Wholesale Granite, we are a one-stop shop ~ and we will work with you in any way that suits you. We will remove and discard your existing countertops, disconnect the stove top, remove the sink, then install countertops, back splash and sink. We complete the job by reconnecting your stove top, sink and fixtures. Plus, if you also need cabinets for your new kitchen counters, we also sell wood semi-custom cabinetry up to 70% less than big box stores!

We only work with full granite slabs San Antonios most experienced granite fabricators Full-service slab selection assistance ~ help to select the best granite slab and the correct material for the job Higher quality finished product ~ fewer seams, stronger support, better durability, more beautiful finished job Hundreds of kitchen granite colors and styles available Great prices on remnants for vanities ~ complete turn-key

California Orange County Granite Countertops Starting At $9.99 sf

Discover Granite Countertops California Orange County by Cabrera Stone Service.

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Custom Granite Countertops California Orange County.

Cabrera Stone Service, provides high quality marble and granite for bathroom and kitchen countertops. If you´re considering natural stone kitchen counters, check out our competitive pricing and large selection of natural stones to choose from.

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Granite Countertops Starting at $9.99/SF!

Slab Pricing. Fab and Installation not included. Restrictions May Apply. Subject to change without notice.

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