More GRANITE SALES – Isn’t that really all that matters?

We will provide you with Free Setup and 10 Free EXCLUSIVE leads at absolutely no cost to you. -You can kick the tires – Our fabricators typically close 10-20% of the leads that we send you. Why are our leads so good? We actually market your business. We provide the customer access to information specifically about you and provide them with many opportunities to reach out to you through our various applications. We do not have long term contractsWe don’t need them. We know that results means sales. Sales means money in your pocket and if your generating sales then you will want to continue with us. it is actually pretty simple.

Sell More Granite

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What are we going to do for your business?

  1. We are going to setup a property designed to go straight to the top of the search engines for target keyword terms
  2. This website is going to represent you exclusively and drive customers directly to your business via phone or email
  3. This website will have all the best tools that we have to offer to convert the shopper to a prospect for you.
  4. We will link to this website within our vast network of countertop related websites
  5. We may also place you on our premium websites driving even more customers when a market is open.
  6. We track all these actions and provide you with a daily report of activity.

What else can you do for us?

  1. Our services scale to your needs.
  2. We can help you compete and increase conversion ratios on your current advertising
  3. We can help you grow your business to exactly where you want it to be.
  4. Our conversion tools can be incorporated in to your existing website
  5. We can help you transition to a website that truly represents your business and does not go “Stale”

We are the ONLY Granite Marketing Company Dedicated to creating success for the granite fabricator in the US. We have be providing this service throughout the county for the past 5 years. In the last year we were responsible for over 15 Million in countertop sales. We are gorwing every year as we expand our services. Everything we do is designed to help you succeed on a solid ROI model. Our tools help us help you find deficiencies and problem areas in your internal process and help you become that well-oiled machine.

Any marketing company can put a plan together for you but no marketing company has the extensive experience marketing granite countertops in as many states as we do. We know the countertop industry and we know what your customers are looking for. Every market has details that make it unique and we help you to find the right place to be to drive the customer that you are looking for.

Exclusive leads mean that the lead only goes to you. many of the lead providers that provide you with leads today force you into a bidding war with the customer by sending leads to 4 fabricators. This is great for the lead provider but it is not great for the consumer or you. We educate the customer on your business and any lead details collected or phone calls made go directly and only to you! HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Call us today (877 877 1916) and let us see what we can do for you!

Sell More Granite

Complete this form ( and we will get you started right away!


granite countertop stone specials discounts and deals from local pros

Check out This website will provide you access to some great applications to help you in your search for the best deal on your granite countertops for your kitchen renovation project. Find great deals buy going direct to the fabricator.

This website lists local offer and has a nice filter to find your local provider.

As of right now they have fabricators listed in these locations : NH,ME,VT,MA | NC | UT | TX | MI | FL | AZ | MS | VA | TX | IL | CA | MI | NY | OR | TX | FL | TX | SC | NY | NY | MA | NY | FL | MD | AZ | TX | ED | OH | NC | OH

Its a very active website which list current projects that are going on in real-time. Check it out and get your project started right away!

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