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First Step is define your business objectives and make a plan.

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Select from existing designs or have us create something custom

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We ensure that the code is setup to provide you with the best listings in SERP’s

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Custom Application Development – When your customer are looking for answers

We can build custom applications that help the customer through the buying cycle. These applications can help the customer visualize or build the solution that meets their needs. Solutions like this can increase conversion ration of a website by up to 300% or more.

Instant Estimator Virtual Kitchen designer are just a couple of the applications we have developed to do just that.

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FREE Consultation for your business

If you want to drive more business from your Local Market we can put a program together for you and test in in the first 30 days.

Would you like to turn your local business around in the next 30 days?

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Lead Management – You need it – You don’t Know it But you do!

Our spark lead management system will track all responses from your website including all calls made from your website or any other advertising. This system will enable you to track your ROI not only on the advertising your spend with us but on any media that you wish to track.

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HTML5 Response website design implementation

We provide state of the are response website design for your business. We back this with our lead management application to truly track your return on investment.

Responsive website design means that the website will work on most standard devices in use today such as iphone’s tablets and computer screens. One website works on all devices .. Smart.

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We have been providing website solution for small business for 20 years. We currently are responsible for over 15,000,000 in sales for our customers in the last year. Our goal is to help you grow your business the right way. We focus on ROI as the true measure of success. Whether you advertise online, TV, Radio, or the Newspaper we can tell you what your return is so that you can truely manage your business and drive sales. That is what we do!

national database of hand selected granite fabricators



New Website Announcement: Affordable Granite.

 Home Page - Free EstimatesUS


Free Estimates open Affordable Granite Countertops

Instant Countertop Estimate

Use our instant estimator to build an instant online estimate for your kitchen or bathroom renovation

Virtual Kitchen Designer

Use our Virtual Kitchen Designer for your kitchen or bathroom renovation to get a feel for which granite will go best with the style of your room.

Stone Colors Search

Use the Color Search Application to search from over 1000 Stones. You can view every stone in our kitchen designer as well as save a collection of stones to your email or favorite social website

Affordable granite countertops is a national service providing you access to our national database of hand selected granite fabricators. Based on the location (change your location in the base navigation) that we have for you we do not currently have a local provider. Please use our location page to ensure that have you in the right location.

Our selection process is based on a number of factors. We maintain our relationship with the local fabricator as long as they maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and that they adhere to all local and national laws. Even Affordable Granite Antique Whitethough we do not have direct control over your satisfaction we want to hear from you about your experience with our local provider. We encourage you to work directly with your local provider but if you are not able to reach your desired resolve we welcome you to contact us.

Our goal is to provide a quality service but assisting the customer with our tools and our method of instantly notifying your local service provider immediately of your interest. If we do not have a local representative at the time of your submission we work to locate a vendor quickly to service you.

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