Granite Countertop Estimator


The instant estimator increases your chances of turning a visit to your website into a lead for your business. Installation of the estimator is very easy and takes only a couple seconds for you to start providing this service and collecting lead data from your website.

  • All lead data is exclusive and is sent directly to you via email.
  • Both you and the customer are made aware that this is not a binding estimate and it is a “ball park estimate” and they should contact you for a more accurate estimate.
  • Our lead management system has built in security features to block spam as well as unwanted data into the system.
  • The front end has built in data requirements to ensure that the data collected is as accurate as possible.
  • All the data from the lead is captured and available for you to manage through our spark lead management system
  • Spark is free to use as long as you consume one of our lead based products including the estimator.
  • With each new release of the estimator you will benefit from any new features in real time.
Instant Countertops Estimator Process
Instant Countertops Estimator Process


The estimator is easily configured to your color scheme and your logo to reflect your branding. The customer feels that they are on your website and sending the estimate directly to you. We simply manage your lead data and provide you with the tools to manage the lead.

Granite Countertop Estimator
Granite Countertop Estimator

Answer your customers needs makes your website relevant and affords you the opportunity to get in front of the customer to make the sale.

We are not able to divulge the details of the implementation here but feel free to contact us and we can set you up with an account where you can build your instant estimate buttons.


Check it out Visit the instant countertop estimator ICE(TM) today.


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